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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hopalicious - the beer that can make anything palatable!

Disclosure: I am writing about a concert that took place in October, 2010.  It took a while for the wounds to heal .

I have been an "ipod fan" of the Canadian indie band Stars for a while. They seem to sneak onto every playlist I've made in the past year.  I saw they were coming to the Barrymore and got excited.  I talked it up and made my trusty group of indie music fans buy tickets WAY, WAY in advance. Shockingly it was not a sold out concert. In fact when we arrived it was pretty empty.  Should have been a sign.

I'm just not going to mince words here.  Stars was the cheesiest rock display I have ever seen. The level of sappiness only usually achieved in parodies of soap operas (e.g. the fake soap opera on Twin Peaks - "Invitation to Love".  Stars upped the cheese level by throwing roses and rose petals at the audience and overusing bubble making machines. If I closed my eyes I could hear the music I know and they were good.  But when I opened them I just saw a weird little dude on stage playing a mouth organ and a gal who should not wear sequence dresses. 

But you know what?  It ended up being a really fun concert.  And I credit this to the  fact that the Barrymore has Hopalicious on tap! At one point my brave friends Amanda & Rachael pushed their way up to the stage taking me in their wake until we were directly below creepy mouth organ guy. Amanda flirted with him and he winked and tossed her a rose (to dismay of the jealous fans who didn't seem to notice what a cheesefest this scene was).  It was a beautiful moment to behold. We then danced away through the bubble haze to our friends further back. 

Post train wreck concert, I do still listen to them, I just pretend the live band was a Milli Vanilli scenario.  That wasn't really Stars, just some bad Canadian lip syncers. 

Bottom line - when life throws you rose petals and bubbles, have a Hopalicious and all is right in the world again!

Here's some picture to make you jealous that you were not there:


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