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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another fine Madison beer addition - The Mason Lounge on Park Street

While there are many things I do NOT like about Wisconsin winters, I do appreciate that cold blustery evenings encourage meeting up with good friends at local pubs for a good chat. Thanks to my friend Deb for persevering to make an evening happen at the Mason Lounge.

The Mason Lounge is a relatively new place on Park Street that has 19 taps - many of which are Wisconsin brews.  The big beer winner of the night was the Rush River Amber. Rush River Brewing Co. is located in River Falls, WI. They brew four types of beer, all of which are unfiltered and unpasteurized (and delicious). I'd never had Rush River on tap before and I liked it very much. My only issue was that I am not a huge fan of drinking beverages out of Mason jars. Kind of a kitchy detail. 

I liked the ambiance of this bar that felt like a long time neighborhood gathering place. It was cozy and comfortable. There's lots of odd things on the walls - including a fake (but disarmingly real looking) hen under a heating lamp above the bar. I imagine this will be a popular hangout for the Vilas neighborhood people who must be happy to have a nice laid back place to grab a drink after work or on the weekends.


  1. We went there for the first time last night and loved it!