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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Best Place in Madison to Have a pint of Guinness: The Brocach

I usually focus on Wisconsin beers, but I am going to make an exception to highlight a fabulous place on the Square to stop in on a cold snowy night and have a pint of Guinness.  The Brocach is a great Irish Pub with decent food and great bartenders.  And while the Guinness is not as good as Guinness that comes straight form the source (Dublin) they do a great pour. Plus they always have Powers on hand - never a bad thing!
Every time a snowpocalypse hits Madison I have the desire to head to Brocach to spend some nice toasty & cozy time with a pint and good company.  So thanks buds for braving the elements with me and lets do it again during the next snowstorm!

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